The most effective way to stop Trump's administration is to elect candidates at local and state levels that will stand up to his policies of exclusion and hatred. IndivisibleDFW is proud to support candidates whose values align with our vision of equitable treatment of all human beings, defense of our natural rights, and empowerment of every individual to reach their highest good.

You will make the difference in getting these candidates elected.

Each campaign needs volunteers to knock on doors and donations of any size to support critical voter outreach. Learn more about the candidates below and connect directly with their campaigns to find out how you can help.


Emery betts

Candidate for Mansfield City Council

I became motivated to run for city council after a petition with several hundred signatures was invalidated by the current city council. As recent local, state, and national political events have transpired it has become apparent that we need elected representatives that truly represent their constituents  and act in their best interest.

Jessica camacho

Candidate for Mansfield ISD School Board

When it became clear who would be our 45th President, I was almost in a state of shock. I thought about my children and my desire to protect them and keep them safe. But then, my thoughts turned to the most marginalized among us who will need allies to speak up for them, to support them. I knew in that moment, that I had a responsibility to use whatever skills and resources I have to fight back. Now more than ever we need people who are willing to fight to protect our public education system. This is where I can make a difference, where I can be most impactful. This is how I can resist.



Candidate for Grand Prairie City Council

I am the son of an immigrant from Hungary. Since the founding of the United States, this has always been a place that welcomed people like my father to our shores. And I'm proud of my heritage and where I come from. During the campaign, so much hatred was directed at immigrants, and I felt that it was time that I stepped up to defend the values that made our country a shining light to people from all over the world.