Bob Satawake

Bob Satawake is an activist, philanthropist, and businessman. He was the owner and managing partner of Chicago Luxury Group, a boutique luxury real estate firm affiliated with Sotheby’s International Realty.  The success he experienced in the real estate business allowed him to be involved in a variety of philanthropic and other social and political activities.  As a humanitarian promoting the equality of all people he served as a Member of the Board and Dinner Committee Member for BUILD, a non-profit organization serving Chicago’s inner city high school at-risk youth for gang prevention as well as providing other educational resources and programs.  Bob also served as a member of the National Board of Directors for Victory Fund, a non-profit bi-partisan organization that provides educational and leadership training for LGBT candidates running for elected office.

In 2011 Bob and his husband, U.S. Ambassador James W. Brewster, served as members of the Democratic National Committee and on the National LGBT Advisory Council of the DNC.  In addition, they both served as National LGBT Co-Chairs of Obama for America and National Finance Committee Members of Obama for America.  Bob traveled extensively as a volunteer throughout the United States supporting President Obama.  Bob was involved in raising money and or supporting 15 U.S. Senate and House Candidates from 2008-2012, of the 15 candidates he and his husband supported they were successful in helping to elect 13 of the candidates.

Bob served as senior policy advisor to Ambassador Brewster and chaired 13 human rights committees at U.S. Embassy Santo Domingo.  In addition he serves as senior advisor to three USAID LGBT projects in the Dominican Republic including the launch of the LGBT Chamber of Commerce in association with the U.S. Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, the launch of Tolerance through Tourism in association with COIN, and the launch of the LGBT Candidate Initiative in association with Victory Fund. 

Bob is a contributing writer to various news publications regarding humanitarian rights and marginalized people.  He has spoken before the American Chamber of Commerce in the Dominican Republic, the George Washington School of Political Management, the National Conference of the Victory Fund and other outlets regarding corporate social responsibility and the promotion of human rights.  In addition, he was instrumental in influencing the Dominican Republic’s environmental policy on de-forestation and eliminating the production of wood charcoal.  Most recently he has influenced a positive change in pursuing justice for victims of gender based violence and human/sex trafficking through the exposure of these activities in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy Santo Domingo and various law enforcement agencies. Bob has been a guest lecturer at both the University of Chicago and the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine regarding Public Health and Diplomacy. 

Today his passions continue to promote humanitarian equality of all people and he continues to travel the world in support of organizations that assist the disenfranchised.  Bob also publishes an online blog regarding humanitarian and legislative causes.